A Community of Brewers

CHAOS Brew Club is Chicago's only homebrew club with a dedicated brewhouse for members. We also host seasonal tasting events and classes for folks who just want to enjoy great beer and learn more about the art and science of brewing.


Brewhouse Features

We have brew stations equipped with all the gear you need, along with space to ferment ales and lagers. 3 Free Training Sessions are available for beginners, and there plenty of experts on board to take your brewing to the next level.

3 Gas Burners with Spike Kettles

2 Electric Spike Systems

15 Gallon Mash Tuns & Kettles

Grain Mill Onsite

Transfer & Bottling Tools

Counterflow Chiller

Ale & Lager Fermentation

Barrel Aging Projects

Grain & Supplies Store

Member Storage Available

Craft Beer Events & Classes

Join the party! We host four big seasonal tasting events every year and have a membership level for those that just want to enjoy great beer. As a Friend of CHAOS you can attend all the parties and take advantage of classes, workshops, and club brewery tours.

Here to brew, or just drink? We have a deal for you.