Photo of two CHAOS members brewing in our club brewhouse.

Club Brewhouse

CHAOS has a fully equipped DIY maker space for brewing members. We offer 3 Free Training Sessions for people new to brewing, and there are classes and workshops for advanced brewers to take your skills to the next level.

Brewing at CHAOS

Lacking space to brew at home? Housemates not cool with the mess?
No sweat, we have a dedicated brewhouse for people like you.

Photo of CHAOS brewer working on a recipe at her brew station.

Reserve a Brew Station

Brewing members can reserve a fully equipped brew station, all you need to get started is a fermenting bucket or carboy.

Photo of beer fermenting in the CHAOS club brewhouse ale room.

Ale & Lager Fermentation

There is a walk-in temperature controled room for fermenting ales. We also have large commercial refrigerators for lager fermentation.

Photo of two CHAOS brewing members bottling a batch of beer.

Bottling & Kegging

We have PBW & StarSan available for cleaning and sanitizing. The brewhouse also has all the transfer tools needed for bottling and kegging beer.

Brewhouse Features

Our club brewhouse is located on the near west side of Chicago. With stainless steel work tables and a big double sink, it's the perfect place to make a righteous mess brewing up some glorious beer.

3 Gas Burners with Spike Kettles

2 Electric Spike Systems

15 Gallon Mash Tuns & Kettles

Grain Mill Onsite

Transfer & Bottling Tools

Counterflow Chiller

Ale & Lager Fermentation

Barrel Aging Projects

Grain & Supplies Store

Member Storage Available

Photo of CHAOS cllub brewhouse on a busy day with four brewers.

Brewing Better Beer

Whether you are just getting started or hoping to go pro one day, we have plenty of expert brewers on board to help you advance your skills.

Photo of CHAOS Brew Club Off-Flavor sensory training class.

Classes & Workshops

CHAOS members produce a variety of workshops exploring different styles of beer. We also have classes that offer advanced training.

Photo of CHAOS brewer receiving medal for winning club competition.

Club Competitions

We have seasonal competitions for CHAOS members with certified judges and awards. Occasionally the winning beer will be brewed at a local brewery.


Brewing for Events

With four big seasonal tasting parties, CHAOS offers you the chance to flex and show hundreds of local craft beer lovers how awesome your sauce is.

Learn How To Brew Beer

If you have never brewed beer before, we will get you started with 3 Free Training Sessions. After that we have plenty of experts to help work out the kinks and get you making great beer! The video from our National Learn to Homebrew Day open house gives you sense of what it is like to brew at CHAOS.

If you have questions about getting started, contact us today.

Photo of CHAOS Beer Judge Certification Program class in the club brewhouse.

Join the Beer Nerd Hivemind

By brewing together we learn from each others successes and failures and advance as a team. We have seen new brewers surprise us winning gold in club competitions, and many CHAOS brewers have moved on to go pro starting their own breweries and winning national medals.

Our discussion forum is on Slack, and you can get answers to questions and learn what other brewers are up to.  

Become a Brewing Member

Our Brewer member level gets you the door code to come in whenever and brew all you want. The Apprentice level saves you money, but you do not get 24/7 access to the brewhouse. A 45 Day Trial lets you try brewing a batch before signing up for a full membership.

Brewer (24/7 Access)

$39/month or $429/annual (save $39)

Seasonal Parties & Events

Classes & Workshops

Local Craft Beer Discounts

24/7 Access to Club Brewhouse

Unlimited Ale & Lager Fermentors

Apprentice (Limited Access)

$25/month or $275/annual (save $25)

Seasonal Parties & Events

Classes & Workshops

Local Craft Beer Discounts

Limited Access to Club Brewhouse

Limited to 1 Fermentor at a Time

Trial Member

$35 billed once for a 45 Day Trial

Seasonal Parties & Events

Classes & Workshops

One Supervised Brew Session:
After you sign up contact us about scheduling your brew session and we will find someone to assist you.

All new members get 3 supervised intro brews to start. If you have any questions, contact us.