Organizational Structure

CHAOS is an Illinois not-for-profit corporation that was formed for educational purposes and dedicated to education about and enjoyment of homebrew and craft beer. We incorporated as an IL not-for-profit corporation and have also received IRS 501c3 non-profit status for the sole purpose of better serving the club including obtaining licenses for events or rent venues; making prices for group buys and equipment tax-free; making members’ donations tax-deductible.

CHAOS is also focused on fostering community and fellowship centered around homebrew: members share homebrew, provide peer evaluation and critiques to help improve brewing techniques, and perform their craft together in our communal space while learning from each other.

Executive Officers

The executive team ensures that everything CHAOS does keeps running smoothly and the club stays true to its mission. Officers are often focused on our education programs, improving the brewhouse, running our monthly meetings, and pitching in on numerous other activities that would be too long to list here. The executive team works closely with the Board of Directors in setting annual goals and keeping projects on track.


In charge of the business of the club (subject only to the board of directors). This position sees to it that the Board’s decisions are carried out. Definitely a leader; definitely good at management with solid communication skills. Be present at all board meetings. This is the person who can enter into contracts and agreements with other organizations as outlined by the Board.

Vice President

Assists the president in carrying out his or her duties at the president’s discretion and will carry out other duties as the president or Board of Directors instructs. Takes over as president (and has all the responsibilities and powers of president) in the president’s absence. Vice president may also enter into contracts, etc. with other organizations.

Membership Director

Maintains records and data of members (including but not limited to membership levels and the start/end dates for members’ annual membership); sending welcome letters to new members as well as renewal notices to current members; although this person may not enter into agreements, contracts, etc. one duty of the Membership Officer will be outreach, contacting new members and new partnering organizations.


This person is responsible for making sure that 100% of the funds from our memberships go back into the club. This person must maintain the books; takes care of all funds (coming in and going out); gives a financial report at each meeting and prepares a year-end fiscal report; receives and deposits any money coming to the club into the established club account; other temporary duties as assigned by the president or Board of Directors.


Record the minutes of the meetings of the Board of Directors (which is satisfied merely by letting an mp3 recorder run at the meetings) as well as other meetings where voting occurs; send out all notices (e.g., of meetings); keep the corporate records (e.g., bylaws); other temporary duties as assigned by the president or Board of Directors; in charge of timely changing the registered agent with the Secretary of State and for timely filing the corporation’s annual report with the IRS.

Board of Directors

Keeping CHAOS Running and Growing

The Board of Directors is comprised of people who are devoted to the club emotionally, physically, mentally, intellectually, and socially. What they really offer is ideas, encouragement, making connections, giving the club direction, and community-building initiatives. Beyond just keeping the brewhouse running and stocked, board members enthusiastically and energetically promote the club’s mission (which is, first and foremost, education and community involving home and craft brew).

Ways You Can Contribute

Strategy & Planning

The board of directors works with the executive officers to ensure the club stays on mission and on budget. We have private channels to discuss club business and make decisions, and we meet the second Tuesday of every month. Our annual retreat for officers and directors allows us to identify goals and plan initiatives for the upcoming year.


It takes a team effort to keep the brewhouse running, and we need people dedicated to routine maintenance and cleaning. The grain store also needs to be monitored and continually restocked. We have a lot of equipment to maintain, and research is needed to acquire new items that enhance our brewing experience (while staying within budget).

Education & Competitions

We learn a tremendous amount brewing together, and board members should strive to supervise at least 2-3 intro brews a year. Directors should also organize group brews and competitions to engage members and create opportunities for collaboration. For those with expertise in advanced brewing techniques, we need classes and workshops that help bring in new people and enable everyone to become better brewers.

Events & Fundraising

By helping to plan and organize our four seasonal parties, you ensure the club is raising funds and growing our community base. Getting more Friend and Trial members to come to events helps the club thrive, and we need people who can motivate friends, coworkers, and family to become members. We also encourage hosting new events, participating in festivals, and establishing collaborations that extend our outreach to local craft beer enthusiasts.


The Membership Director needs support in the promotion, recruitment, and onboarding of new members. Our annual calendar has many regularly occurring events available to the public like open houses and demo brew sessions. We also do outreach events and promotional offers to bring in new members. The demands of responding to emails and social media contacts require the Membership Director to have backup support. We also need help onboarding new members and making sure our membership base is engaged and happy with their membership.


The board is responsible for setting the priorities of all projects and expenses. Members outside the leadership team can propose and manage projects, but it is the board's responsibility to make sure all initiatives and expenses serve the club's mission and stay within budget. The Treasurer needs support in managing expenses and keeping the club fiscally solvent. Project leads in all areas need to assess expenses, keep track of costs, and report the total for accounting.

Website & Promotions

The club's website handles membership signup and administration, brewhouse reservations, and event promotions. We host our website and need help with system administration, content updates, and troubleshooting problems. The board is responsible for overseeing the website, and members with the website content development and management are needed. CHAOS also has a large social media presence that requires content development and event promotions.

What’s Expected of You

You must be present at a minimum of 9 (out of 12) monthly board meetings (attendance may be via telephone, i.e., someone who is present putting you on speaker phone). It is also vital that you attend the annual retreat as that is where we set the agenda for the year.

You hold a valuable position. We need all cylinders firing to keep CHAOS moving forward. You must contribute time and energy continually and substantially to the benefit of the club.

This has never been invoked, but according to our bylaws: Directors can, should, and will be subject to removal “with or without cause” by simple majority vote of the other board of directors. If you are not “pulling your weight”, you could be voted off the island.

Daunted? Relax, have a home brew!
You don’t need to do everything, just helping in one or two core categories can have an amazing impact. The club functions best when many people are engaged lending their personal skills to achieve our common goals.

Your first step is accepting a nomination or nominating yourself. You will then need to be ready to make a speech at the annual election before we all vote.

Up for organizing CHAOS?